Many Bug Fixes still needed for Windows 10

For the past few months, on all of my devices including a Surface Pro 3 with i5, Sony VAIO L116 (which was particularly problematic upgrading), Lumia 1520, and Xbox One, I am using Windows 10 (all on the latest build since I’m in the Insider program).

Every single device has caused me numerous problems.

Lumia 1520

  • Video Recording broken in Lumia Camera (which is somewhat usable in Windows Camera, have switched to this camera app instead)
  • Corrupted microSD Cards (64GB Transcend and PNY cards)
  • Problematic Outlook Calendar design
    • Month view removed and no ability to adjust top pane for recurring all day reminders
  • Periodically apps will load to a black background
  • Web pages will sometimes never load in Edge

Surface Pro 3

  • Corrupted microSD Cards that are unrecoverable and unreadable even with diskpart in CMD admin window
    •  (1 x 128GB SanDisk card Class 10 1 UHS)  Disk management console will never load the card…gets stuck at loading virtual disks

Sony VAIO All-In One L116

  • Blue screens with sideways unhappy faces periodically pop up on my Sony VAIO All-In-One saying MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_ISSUE, but otherwise, most of the time, it works alright, though pretty laggy after boot up for a few minutes (hoping that a future solid state drive will fix this).

Xbox One

  • Wireless Controllers get forgotten (fix is re-pairing to Xbox One)
  • USB External HD’s get forgotten (fixable with a forced reset – hold down button for 15 seconds)
  • Controller sometimes won’t work with Netflix even though it’s paired and turned on

I however, remain hopeful that these bugs will eventually be ironed out and that Microsoft will continue listening to Insiders.

If any readers have any insights on these issues, please post your comments.  Thanks so much!


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